Bunch of quick sketches from when I realized I was still awake.

Another request from /co/.  I’m noticing a theme here.

Working on it.

Been moving in since Friday, so I made some time to draw something real quick.  Pyanny as a vampire.  Happy early Halloween.

Quick little Illustrator assignment for class.

Colors are hard, I just realized I haven’t colored Lumi in quite a long time.

From a request the other night.

Callie wearing a “Boobies” outfit

Thought it would be cute to have some mother/daughter bonding.

May color these later

Spent most of last night playing with color, until about 4am.  Glad I have a late class tomorrow.

Quick little doodle from the other day of my favorite yordle.

Gonna clean it up later.

I’m just gonna name her Pyanny and call it a day.

I think I have more fun drawing characters that don’t belong to me.

He becomes more cute and less hamster looking every time I draw him, and I think I’m okay with it.

Just a bunch of doodles.

Doodled these two jerks