I’m just gonna name her Pyanny and call it a day.

I think I have more fun drawing characters that don’t belong to me.

He becomes more cute and less hamster looking every time I draw him, and I think I’m okay with it.

Just a bunch of doodles.

Wanted to make a ref of these two so I could stay more consistent.  Things gotta little silly after that.

Doodled these two jerks

I found a red pen and an old sketch laying around.

Phaller's faun character.
I really like her design but I might have given her an afro.

Happy belated birthday Napalm

Working on a couple gifts for people and decided to draw Ter again, since it’s been a bit and I wasn’t entirely happy with the last attempt.

New character, don’t really have a name for her the design came from a inspiration binge.

Her name is Pyanny

Another quick sketch from the other day.

Tablet still out of commission.  In the meantime more sketches

My tablet pen is basically dead at this point, going back to paper and pencil in the mean time.

Sketching someones mother.

Did a drawing for a friend, was suppose to be just a gift but I really need to post more.

Probably more gift art within a couple days, and stuff from this comic I’m trying to work on.